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Methamphetamine Screening

By conducting thorough surface testing, using proven military drug detection technology, we can instantly determine if trace residue of methamphetamine, precursor compounds used in the manufacture of methamphetamine, or over 10 other illicit drugs are present.

We then prepare and send you a detailed report with test results and photographs outlining the details of our findings.

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Detailed Site Investigation

Should the screening process detect traces of  Methamphetamine, we then collect individual samples that are to be analysed by an independent accredited laboratory to determine the actual level of contamination and what areas. These results will determining if remediation is required and assist a qualified  meth decontamination company formulate a remediation plan.

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Post Decontamination Testing

At the completion of decontamination works we conduct further testing to determine that the remediation has been successful and your asset is of a safe level.

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Whilst we do not undertake any remediation work ourselves, we can guide you through the decontamination process and provide details of reputable qualified companies that can assist you.